G r e e t i n g

"More pleasant and rich life" is the reason why the human makes

something for the first time, and the simple incentive that people

buys wares.

Recently, the market trend is getting complicated along with

diversified life-style.

Current consumers, select products with their "own color" and

have their own standards, make a changeful trend that can not

be predicted with conventional market researches. However,

the basic demand must not changeable.

In this drastic environmental era, it is important not to forget

the basic demand when we think about the idea how to contact

with consumers and the way to actualize the idea.

It is also important to do our best for debelopment and supply of

products through collecting and analyzing information in all areas.

We realize that our missions are to dissolve the metal products'

mechanism and rationality into real warm life and to prepare warm

feeling for the products to all consumers. We hope that we can

contribute for the improvement of people's life.

President Kyuichi Tanaka