Pride as a specialist

We have developed many products such as cookwares, bathwares, confectioney wares and kitchenwares for long time.
The daily tools must be satisfactory, functionally and conveniently.
Furthermore, they need to have added value that gives users more fun and convenience.
We, the specialist of metal products such as meshes, wires and hollowwares, keep challenging by connecting our built-up technique and experience with new idea. Real specialists must always make themselves grow. We will keep growing aiming to more pleasant and rich life.

Show Room(Head  Office)

Beyond the border for ideal life

We are also a professional international trader. We do not only protect our know-how of metal manufacturing that was accumulated  for years. We positively across the border and do technical assistance for otherAsian people with sharing our experience. We help them to build-up the basic of manufacturing. That helps us to prepare high quality products that meet consumers' requirement with competitive price. We import only the convincing products without compromise. The enthusiasm that pursues pleasant ideal life is the power to across the border.

Main facilities in factory
Machine Name Q'ty
Power pressing machine
(30 tons to 120 tons)
Hydraulic pressing machine
(20 tons to 50 tons)
Fore slide machine 1
Hydraulic vendor 1
Vibration vendor 1
Automatic curling machine
(Circular type)
Automatic curling machine
(angular, elliptic type)
Automatic spot curling machine 2
Multi-slide machine 6
Automatic coil cutting machine 3
Hi-max spot No.500 to No.6000 6
Standard type spot welding machine 3
Seam welding machine 1
Detergent cleaner (Basket type) 1
Detergent cleaner (Shower type) 1
Riveting machine 3
NC vendor 2
Rotating pressing machine 2